With the second wave of coronavirus ravaging most countries in the world, it seems like 2021 is a dive into 2030. That’s how the technology has changed and it will continue to evolve, in a space of one year, no one thought that we will have major companies and banks considering working from home being the new normal. And all this has been made possible by technology trends.

We are going to show some few details on how technology trends have had an impact so far, especially with the world facing a pandemic of coronavirus.

Cloud Computing Adoption

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With how things are now, cloud computing is likely going to be the driver of the next Software Stack innovation in 2021.

The sudden shift in hardware technology has been constantly evolving all this is to make sure that there is improvement in tech. However, with the look of things technology is being replaced in certain applications. You can now play games at the best payout online casino in nz instead of visiting a land-based casinos.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Voice prompts have become the new way of making our life easy mostly if you are in content writing. Amazon’s Alexa is a good example that has been offering the best Voice-as-UI. With this rate, voice interfaces are developing very fast that they are soon going to surpass user interactions.

IoT becomes the physical surface of “Anywhere Computing”

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IoT is a feature that has been extraordinary, and in 2021, it seems like it’s improving the features to accommodate more users. The AI process in the public cloud will become very easy and it maps a way for autonomous robotics along with other vehicles that comes on a large scale.

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